workarounds for problems with Steam on Linux

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Steamtricks runs alongside Steam to automatically fix known issues with various games on Linux.

The following will occur after Multiwinia is installed.

Multiwinia dependencies check

If missing dependencies were found the user will be prompted to install them. For example when the “Dota 2 - Vulkan support” DLC is installed Steamtricks will automatically prompt the user to install the required Vulkan packages.

Multiwinia fixed

Fixes will also be applied after games are updated since local file changes are reverted as part of the update process.

Alternatively, for games that work just fine or those for which fixes are not available Steamtricks will let you know it checked.

Aquaria no changes

game fixes

For a list of game specific fixes currently available see the steamtricks-data repository. There are also general fixes applied to the Steam Runtime and applicable games.


Currently, the only official packages available are for openSUSE in the main repository and should be installed by default with the steam package. Otherwise, the package name is steamtricks and can be installed via the various GUIs or command line.

zypper in steamtricks

Once installed just restart Steam to enabled Steamtricks.


The output from Steamtricks can be viewed using:

journalctl -f --user-unit steamtricksd

manual setup

To use directly from source run the following from the source directory while Steam is running.

./src/steamtricks --watch

more details

Visit the Steamtricks wiki for more details including how to install the nightly builds package.